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Bringing Teams Together with Water Volleyball at The Manor

July 9, 2019

Check out The Manor at York Town’s Water Volleyball Team in Action!

It’s excellent exercise because you’re doing your stretching and going back and forth in the water.

Ruth Schmidt, resident at The Manor at York Town

Residents at The Manor at York Town are making a splash for better health as they bring teams together and enjoy a fun way to exercise. The spirited water volleyball team at The Manor meets three days a week to serve up some friendly competition while experiencing the benefits of physical fitness and activity.

John Miller, fitness director at The Manor, developed this program about 12 years ago with physical activity in mind, but his consideration for the happiness and health of residents at The Manor continues to be a source for motivation.

“The exercises are designed to keep the residents functionally fit so they can enjoy life,” John says. “And that’s important to me no matter what age.”

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