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Celebrating Five Years of Engaged Community Life at The Manor

As Director of Community Life, Robyn Fine has charmed and delighted residents and team members with her ability to create and implement engaging activities, events, and programming at The Manor at York Town in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In June of 2023, Robyn celebrated her fifth anniversary at The Manor. In this role, Robyn functions [...]

Crafting a Creative Community

Sharon Schmidt is the Lead Housekeeper at The Manor at York Town, an independent living community in Central Bucks County. Not only does she strive to keep residents’ apartments clean and tidy, she also enriches community life at The Manor through crafting. Sharon inspires residents to develop their creativity by engaging in fun craft projects [...]

From a Dream Home to a Dream Retirement

Prior to her retirement, Elisabeth Robbins was a highly regarded Mathematician who spent her career designing such innovations as nosecones for intercontinental ballistic missiles and spaceships, color televisions, and geometric databases. At the time, Mrs. Robbins was a pioneer in an industry that was dominated by men. Mrs. Robbins’ interests and connections stretch beyond mathematics [...]

101 Years of Family History

In 1922, a family legacy started, as Fred Powell tells it, when his father and great-uncle founded a small appliance store named Powell’s Electric Shop. This small store grew into a “full-service family-owned” company serving Bucks & Montgomery counties, with 101 years of family history. Long before Fred and his wife Pearl settled at The Manor [...]