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Connected Living Creates Swift, Convenient Communications for All at The Manor at York Town!

April 4, 2023

There is a new, fast, and easy way for team members to communicate with residents at The Manor at York Town, Bucks County’s premier retirement community. Through Connected Living, a digital platform that enhances resident engagement and team workflow, residents can access community information instantaneously with a simple tap on their new iPad.

According to Robyn Fine, Director of Community Life, “Residents can now view calendars, newsletters, resident directories, menus, and community announcements- anytime, anywhere. In addition, a new iPad was issued to every apartment, and after only a short training class, residents easily mastered the system and immediately began using it. Connected Living also helps me plan my day by providing attendance numbers, room availability, and a simple way to communicate with all residents at once.”


Residents Rave About Connected Living


Jerry, a resident who has enjoyed living at The Manor for the last four and half years, comments, “Having the Connected Living system has been such a convenience because I don’t waste time searching for papers about activities and event schedules, registration sheets, the culinary menu or another resident’s contact information; it’s all there in one place that I can organize from my computer, iPad, or from the mobile app on my phone.”


Another Manor resident, Paul, who has lived there for three years, adds, “The system has been life-changing here. Now, if I see a new resident in the hallway and I don’t know him, I look him up in the Resident Directory, see his photo, learn his name, his interests, vocational background, hobbies, and phone number so I can introduce myself and get to know him.”

He continues, “It is especially nice if we have friends join us for dinner, so we know what will be served without me hunting around for the paper menu that might be lost on my desk or filed away. This system has dramatically cut down on paper use here, which is wonderful. It’s also fun because I can log in from anywhere and check when the next movie will be shown in the Manor Theater.”

Both gentlemen agree, “It is easy to learn and use for those familiar with technology and those not digitally savvy. After a brief training and orientation, they can use it too.”