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Crafting with Luanne and Friends at The Manor at York Town

March 8, 2022

Crafting is a relaxing way to spend time with friends and express creativity. For a group of residents at The Manor at York Town, crafting is one of their favorite activities led by the community’s creative concierge, Luanne. As The Manor’s concierge, Luanne ensures fulfilling lifestyles for residents and her role as the community’s go-to crafter continues to bring her happiness and reward.

“I have been crafting for many years, and have always enjoyed being creative. It’s rewarding to be able to share that with residents at The Manor,” Luanne reflects. Luanne’s activities known to residents as, “Crafting with Luanne,” features in-depth projects that engage residents in creative expression while socializing with their fellow neighbors.

Organizing three to four projects each year, residents who participate in “Crafting with Luanne,” have created everything from wood-carved snowmen to beautifully decorated masks for Mardi Gras and wood-carved Easter bunnies. “Part of what makes these activities so great is that you get to walk away with something you’ve created and that you can actually use,” says resident, Lee.

Lee has lived at The Manor for two years and has been participating in Luanne’s crafts since moving in. In fact, Lee is quite crafty herself as she used to make beautiful quilts for over 40 years. “I am a quilter at heart. I have a slew of them in my apartment and I’ve given many to friends and family,” she notes.

Continuing to express her creativity, what Lee enjoys most about “Crafting with Luanne,” are the bonds formed between residents and friends. “What is really great about creating these projects is the camaraderie between residents. There are so many wonderful people at The Manor and Luanne’s crafts are a time for us to get together,” Lee reflects.

One of Luanne’s most recent projects brought residents together to decorate beverage coasters. Using acrylic paint and a wide variety of stencils, residents were excited to see what they could create. “The key to stenciling is to not use too much paint,” Lee explains. “They turned out great, and the most important part was that we had fun. Plus, we get to use these coasters outside of crafting,” she adds.

Residents who participated in coaster making plan to put their creations to good use at The Manor’s weekly happy hour. As for Lee, she wants to donate her coasters to the community so The Manor can use them for various events and celebrations. What craft will Luanne come up with next? She’s undecided, but one thing is certain, her crafting continues to bring residents together for fun, creativity and enjoyment at The Manor at York Town!

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