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Meet our Residents! One Couple Shares Their Rewarding Journey to The Manor at York Town

February 2, 2021

For residents of The Manor at York Town, Ed and Mary, the convenience and fulfillment of worry-free living continues to bring them great joy throughout their retired years. With numerous opportunities to engage in a wide variety of safe activities, access to round-the-clock concierge services as well as five star dining, and the camaraderie of friendly residents nearby, the couple is continuously pleased with their decision to move to this beautiful community.

Before retiring, Ed and Mary raised their family in Roslyn, Pennsylvania, where they lived for over 40 years. Ed has a background in computers and worked for an insurance company for the majority of his career. After taking an early retirement, he decided to get involved with municipal government and began working in the finance department of Dublin Township. Retiring from yet another fulfilling position, after Ed finished working, the couple moved to a townhome in Jamison, not too far from The Manor.

The Joy of Worry-Free Living: Finding The Manor at York Town

“Our townhouse was two stories and it was just too big for us,” Mary explains. “I had two knee replacements and I didn’t want to have to deal with all of those stairs,” she adds. With the help of their children, Ed and Mary began looking at retirement communities that would provide a stress-free and convenient lifestyle. “We spent about 10 years looking at places in the area,” Mary reflects.

Familiar with the The Manor, Ed and Mary had visited the community quite a few times for various events.

“And the location is great,” Ed adds reflecting on The Manor’s proximity to quality shopping, top attractions, and fine-dining restaurants in local Bucks County. Although, they certainly don’t have to leave the community for a five-star quality meal. “The dining at The Manor is one of our favorite parts of living here. The food is wonderful and it’s a relief to not have to cook every night,” says Mary. “Although we do have a full kitchen as well if we ever do want to cook,” she adds.

Enjoying all that the community has to offer, it was more than The Manor’s delicious dining menus that helped Ed and Mary make their decision. “We really loved that there was such a wide array of activities here,” says Mary. Within this close knit community, activities are personalized to each resident’s unique interests. “Whatever you want to do here, you can do it,” Ed affirms.

Ed and Mary are very appreciative for Community Life Director of The Manor, Robyn, who continuously goes above and beyond to ensure residents a fulfilling retirement. “She’s amazing. She’s always organizing different activities for the residents. It’s not hard to find something you like,” says Mary. “Throughout the pandemic, Robyn has been amazing at keeping us busy and finding safe ways to try new things. There is always something to do here,” Mary adds.

Mary is especially involved with The Manor’s library. “We have our own library here with over 1,500 books. And we maintain our catalog so if any resident wants to find something special we can tell them exactly where it is,” she explains. Ed has a hobby of his own as well, which The Manor helped him continue upon moving in.

“I used to play in a pinochle league before moving here and one thing I really liked about the community was the Club Room, which has a very nice bar and lots of tables. I told the staff here I played pinochle and they encouraged me to start a pinochle club. So I did, and although it’s currently on hold to keep residents safe through COVID-19, we have about 12 members and look forward to hosting it again in the future,” Ed reflects.

Ed and Mary also enjoy The Manor’s pool and Jacuzzi, which is open at a limited capacity to ensure residents safety amidst the pandemic. “I can’t swim very well, but I can sure sit in a hot tub,” Ed laughs. Involved in numerous activities throughout the community, Ed recently took on a new position that keeps him busier than ever.

Ed takes on a new role…

“I’m now President of the Manor’s Resident Board,” he explains, adding that he’s rather new to the role. “I’ve only been President for about a month, but our responsibilities as the Board are to share suggestions with the community’s leadership on different community life aspects like dining, building renovations, and activities. So for example if we’d like to see different items on the menu we can advocate for that,” Ed shares.

As Ed and Mary continue to keep themselves busy, Ed looks forward to gaining new experience as the Board’s President. And they both are always appreciative of The Manor’s dedicated team of staff who go above and beyond to ensure residents the best living experience possible. With so many amenities to enjoy, they continue to enjoy the benefits of moving to this beautiful community.