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Meet The Manor at York Town’s Friendliest Resident

December 9, 2022

Friendliest Resident

Since moving to The Manor at York Town with his wife Mary in 2019, Ed S. has voluntarily organized clubs, outings, and activities. He formed the popular Pinochle Club and the Manor Gaming Commission.

“Admittedly, the things I initially focused on were ones I like to do, and I detected that there were enough others that felt that way,” Ed explains, chuckling.

Ed (far left) celebrates a team win during The Manor Olympics

Ed’s instincts proved true as residents quickly joined the Pinochle Club and have participated in the gaming fun, though Ed draws people as much as the games do. For the Pinochle Club, he set up a rookie table to teach inexperienced but interested players how to play.

“He is very personable and active,” shares Robyn Fine, Director of Community Life.

Indeed, his neighbors voted him “Friendliest Resident” and “Most Energetic Resident” during a community awards ceremony.

From Fun-Loving Friend to President!

Two years ago, the residents elected Ed president of the Resident Association. “It just so happened that my name received the most ballots for the presidency,” Ed humbly shares.

He had an inkling that he would win. His community activity makes a memorable impression.

“People see me at Happy Hour having something to say or listening, or they see me playing Pinochle, or Bocce, or pool volleyball,” he says. “If enough people thought I could handle the responsibility, I wanted to give it a try.”

As president, Ed leads quarterly and monthly Resident meetings to address community items.

“We don’t lose track of things,” Ed says. “If someone reports a creaky board somewhere, we add it to the list of things to fix. Each month, we ask, ‘what’s the status of the creaky board?’

There shouldn’t be anything falling through the cracks. And that process is a very important function of the Resident Association. The Association works with management to resolve those issues.”

Always Offering a Helping Hand

Ed and his wife, Mary, sit with Courtney, Director of Sales and Marketing, in their apartment

Ed helps wherever he can around The Manor. This past summer, Ed offered a helping hand to Robyn when she needed assistance re-organizing the Men’s Luncheon.

“I said I’ll take over the responsibility to pull it back together,” Ed shares. “I notify the participants of the luncheon date, arrange transportation, and suggest the place.”

Ed has always been a helper. For many years, because of their experience raising a son with cystic fibrosis, Ed and Mary helped raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. “They’re a resilient group of people,” Ed reflects.

Making new friends, adding fun to life, and doing good for others has been a constant for Ed throughout his life. He has no plans to stop anytime soon.