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Meet the Team! Housekeeper at The Manor at York Town Shares Her Journey of Friendship and Connection

March 4, 2021

Housekeeper at The Manor at York Town, Beverly Bello, plays an important role in helping residents live worry-free lifestyles throughout their retirement. Working in the community for 14 years, Beverly has made lasting connections with residents and families and continues to bring them comfort, cleanliness, and joy each day.

Prior to her journey with the Manor, Beverly worked as a bank teller for over 20 years. “After I retired, I wanted to keep myself busy because I am the type of person who enjoys working,” she explains. When Beverly came across an opportunity at The Manor to become a housekeeper she was eager to learn more.

“I’ve always liked to clean,” she says. “My aunt and uncle owned a restaurant when I was growing up and I was always folding napkins and vacuuming. I also come from a family of 6 children so everybody would help each other with chores and things. I knew housekeeping would be something I enjoyed and good for me,” she reflects.

Upon her first visit to The Manor, Beverly was thoroughly impressed. “When I walked in, it was like getting a warm hug. The Manor is so welcoming and beautiful. When you see the grand staircase and luxurious lobby and the concierge who greets you at the door, it’s very inviting and warm,” she affirms. Beverly began working in the community as housekeeper in 2007 and she’s loved her role ever since.

Residents at The Manor enjoy having their apartments cleaned on a bi-weekly basis with housekeepers they trust like Beverly. “The residents and I share a lot of our lives together. They talk about their family and their children with me, and I see them go through different phases of life. I really enjoy just making them smile and feel good and helping them have an easier life by cleaning for them,” she reflects.

As Beverly enjoys eliminating the stress of cleaning for residents she also ensures the best quality of cleanliness in common areas throughout the community. “The Manor has lots of communal areas for residents to enjoy like the Great Room, Club Room, Café, Beauty Shop and Gym. We make sure those areas are clean and properly sanitized, especially during COVID-19 as we’ve increased our sanitation practices throughout the building,” Beverly explains.

Ensuring a welcoming and clean community for residents throughout The Manor, Beverly feels lucky to have an incredible team by her side each day. “All of the staff who work here are so nice. I love interacting with them. The Manor is such a pleasant place to work, and we all do whatever we can to make sure the residents are happy,” she emphasizes.

Certainly happy with the outstanding quality of service and care, residents across the community praise staff for their remarkable dedication.

As Beverly enjoys contributing to a beautiful community, she continues to build relationships with residents and staff throughout The Manor. Grateful for the many connections and friendships she has made, she looks forward to building trust with new residents and ensuring them a worry-free retirement.