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Meet the Team! The Manor at York Town’s Community Life Manager Shares Her Journey to a Gratifying Career

February 12, 2021

For Community Life Manager of The Manor at York Town, Robyn Fine, making connections and building lasting relationships with residents is her source for inspiration each and every day. “I’m a very social person,” she says, describing a quality about herself that residents truly enjoy.

In her role, Robyn’s primary responsibilities include getting to know residents and creating monthly activity calendars that suit their unique interests. Her planned activities encompass all aspects of wellness including, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. As she plans a large array of safe activities and events, like the Manor’s Signature Happy Hour, birthday celebrations, and live entertainment in the community’s beautiful courtyard, Robyn tends to wear more hats than one on a daily basis.

She writes The Manor’s monthly newsletters, a community-wide publication that residents look forward to reading throughout the year. Additionally, she teaches a variety of classes to residents with special interests like sign language, French, and even leads TED talk discussions.

“It’s never the same job every day, and I love that variety. I have learned a lot simply because I get to do so many different things,” she says.

Thrilled to bring her creativity and enthusiasm to work each day, what Robyn enjoys most about working at The Manor is bringing joy to others and forming unique relationships with the people who call this community home.

It’s no surprise that Robyn excels as Community Life Manager in this beautiful community, but what often comes as a surprise to many is her previous experience in a different industry.

Changing Career Paths and Finding The Manor at York Town

“I wasn’t always in retirement living,” she explains. “After I graduated college, I thought I would be going to law school. I ended up going to business school instead and began a career in marketing.” Working in various marketing jobs throughout the years, Robyn began to realize that the typical office job just wasn’t for her. “I was mainly at a desk on the computer and I wasn’t out in the world establishing relationships. I really wanted that relationship-building aspect for my career,” she explains.

Desiring a career in which she could be around people and make unique connections, Robyn later came across an opportunity as Resident Program Director in a local retirement community. “They took a chance on me because I didn’t have much experience, but I had a lot of drive and desire and I did a lot of research. I ended up really loving the field and I stayed with it for a while,” she says.

Robyn spent about nine years working in this community. While there, she decided to go back to school to earn her MBA in Marketing from Drexel University. Upon obtaining her advanced degree, Robyn thought about reconsidering her career path once again.

The tables turn…

“I thought to myself maybe I should use this MBA, and I left retirement living and went back to marketing.” Securing a marketing job at a pharmaceutical company, Robyn quickly realized that her career was consuming her life in ways she hadn’t originally planned.

“The job overtook my life. I was answering emails all hours of the night, I would come home from work and immediately get right back on the computer. I was working non-stop and I had a family and I just wasn’t enjoying my job as much as I should be.”

Remembering how satisfied she was working in retirement living, Robyn discovered an opportunity at The Manor. Located just five minutes away from her home in Bucks County, Robyn’s interest was heightened.

Robyn has been working at The Manor for over two years, and she is thrilled to have finally found a community where she can build relationships and make meaningful connections with residents and staff. “I have gotten to know everyone here so well. We are a small community and it really is an intimate, unique setting.