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The Right Place at the Right Time: Moving to The Manor at York Town

December 19, 2019

It is often the kindness we give to others that inspires happiness and warmth to those around us. For Rita Smyth, her desire to give back to her community led her and her husband to their new and joy-filled home at The Manor at York Town.

Rita recently moved to The Manor with her husband after volunteering for Liberty Lutheran, a non-profit organization whose comprehensive scope of services include The Manor at York Town among other senior living communities and programs that aim to empower older adults by honoring their life choices and strengthening their well-being.

“After retiring, I knew that I wanted to find a way to stay involved with the community,” says Rita. “Friends of mine from church pointed me toward Liberty Lutheran, and I thought it would be a good fit.”

As Rita easily bonded with the team at Liberty, she began learning the importance of their mission and became even more excited about her volunteering efforts. Assisting with activities that make up the backbone of fundraising, she began handling donation requests, organizing large-scale mailing campaigns, and working alongside Liberty Lutheran’s Advancement team.

Rita’s time at Liberty Lutheran turned out to be meaningful in more ways than one. While assembling brochures at Liberty’s office, Rita came across information about The Manor. Paging through the photos of this beautiful independent living community, she began to think about her and her husband’s current living situation. After making the decision that their house was too much to handle alone, Rita remembered The Manor’s brochure.

Moving from their house to this luxurious independent living community, Rita and her husband have not slowed down one bit. They enjoy visits from their grandson who loves to sleepover on the occasional weekend while engaging in the hustle and bustle with new friends throughout the community.

Rita and her husband enjoy making new friends at The Manor at York Town

Thanks to The Manor’s Director of Community Life, Robyn Fine, there’s no shortage of engaging clubs and activities. As Robyn organizes everything from Holiday Galas to weekly entertainment events and outings, she enjoys developing unique relationships with new residents and learning about their various interests and hobbies after they move in.

As Robyn tailors a wide variety of programs to residents’ interests, she is continuously inspired by the people who call this community home. Reflecting The Manor’s modern approach to retirement living, this premier community continues to give residents a world of opportunity to engage in new activities and create cherished memories with family and friends.