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Volunteer at The Manor at York Town Lifts Spirits with Music and Fun

January 28, 2022

Volunteer for The Manor at York Town, Jack Geld, enjoys lifting residents’ spirits with the gift of music. Jack volunteers his time playing the piano as residents listen in the company of friends. “I first started playing the piano in ninth grade. It developed from my involvement with choir at my school,” Jack explains.

Jack is a senior at Upper Mooreland High School and his participation in choir inspired his interests to start playing piano. “I started playing on my own and began practicing. It’s only been a few years, but it’s really fun and I enjoy it,” he shares.

Jack started volunteering at The Manor towards the end of 2020, and has enjoyed bringing smiles to residents’ faces, even if at times they were hidden behind masks. “I began volunteering with a friend of mine who plays the flute. When we first started, the pandemic was pretty bad and we were all in masks. She had a special mask for the flute that allowed her to play,” Jack notes.

When circumstances surrounding COVID-19 began to improve and residents received their vaccines, Jack began playing during the Manor’s happy hour. “There was a time when residents couldn’t all gather together for happy hour, so it was nice to be able to play for them there,” Jack reflects. As a volunteer, Jack visits The Manor at York Town each month and plays a variety of songs for residents’ enjoyment.

“Most recently I’ve been trying to play some pop songs, but the most fun songs to play are the songs that residents know and are familiar with. They really get into it, and that makes it fun and exciting,” he laughs. And residents make sure to give Jack their positive feedback.

“I enjoy when residents come up to me and tell me that they’re having a nice time,” he says. “I hope my piano playing has lifted their spirits throughout the pandemic and gives them something to look forward to,” he adds. Community Life Director, Robyn Fine, agrees. “Our residents are always excited for live entertainment. They like when Jack comes to play at happy hour not just for his skills on the piano, but because of that inter-generational connection,” Robyn confirms. As residents look forward to Jack’s music each month, he’s thrilled to create connection and fun even through the most challenging of times. “Volunteering at the Manor has been such a nice experience and I’m just happy they continue to invite me back each month,” Jack concludes.

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