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What is Independent Living? What to Look For and How to Know It’s Right For You

February 20, 2019

Whether it’s health, finances, or our overall well-being, independence is one aspect of life, we strive to maintain regardless of our age. Empowering individuals to feel confident, secure, and fulfilled, independent living fills seniors with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction throughout their later years.

For residents of Independent Living at Liberty Lutheran’s family of services, they often ask themselves why they didn’t move in sooner. With varying amenities and accommodations, all quality independent living communities have one commonality, and that’s the unmistakable vibrancy of the people who live there.

While independent living sounds self-explanatory, there’s common misunderstandings about what it means for seniors and how it actually helps them maintain their independence.

What is Independent Living?

Housing for seniors who need little to no medical assistance

Independent living signifies housing for seniors who need little to no medical assistance. With less focus on available medical resources, and more attention to community-based engagement, independent living provides senior adults with their own residential living space surrounded by a community of individuals with similar capabilities. This type of living encourages residents to reach their maximum level of independence while still providing assistance should they need it. With the ability to maintain their own living spaces and have access to amenities like laundry services and other basic housekeeping, senior adults feel the fine balance of care and independence.

Independent living accommodations you should look for

Independent living accommodations vary depending on the community you choose to visit, but there are several basic accommodations that will provide the best living experience for you or your loved ones.  When visiting senior living communities with independent living look for these main features:

  • Full kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Comfortable living area
  • Ample closet space
  • Consider dining options

While accommodations like a full kitchen will give you or your loved one the freedom to cook your own meals, you should inquire about the community’s dining services as well. If you enjoy a served meal with family and friends, community dining rooms that also allow reservations for special events will certainly be important.

What types of activities are offered to members of the community?

Having the privacy of your own apartment or residential living space is a large part of independent living, but community-based events where residents have the opportunity to meet other people and form friendships is important to many senior adults. Whether they’re outings to the local bowling alley, or parties within the community, if you enjoy socializing, community-based activities and events will be very important to you when choosing an independent living community.

What wellness or fitness programs do they have?

Additionally, if you’re a fitness fanatic, or enjoy staying active and healthy, you’ll want to look for independent living communities with fitness facilities or exercise and nutrition programs. Some independent living communities have rooms with exercise equipment as well as on-site personal trainers.

Independent Living at Liberty Lutheran’s Family of Services: Paul’s Run and The Manor at York Town

Liberty Lutheran’s family of services impact the health and well-being of more than 10,000 senior adults. Two of our family of services, Paul’s Run and The Manor at Yorktown, have distinguished independent living communities that empower residents to feel secure and confident.

When you’re considering independent living communities, Paul’s Run and The Manor are outstanding examples of what to look for. Our long list of independent living accommodations includes all of the amenities listed above like

  • Full kitchen, comfortable living space, private bath, ample closet space
  • As well as additional amenities like
  • Various floor plans to choose from, refrigerators and stoves, individual climate controls, 24-hour emergency response security system, smoke and fire protection system, phone and cable outlets

Our independent living communities have formal dining rooms for those who’d like to dine with others, as well as access to wellness programs for optimal health, fitness, and nutrition.

But we’re more than just living accommodations for your present and future. We’re an active community excited about what’s happening every single day.

These appealing accommodations only scrape the surface of what makes our independent living communities outstanding.  It’s the activities that happen there on a daily basis that truly add to the fulfilling experience of independent living.

Walk through the halls of independent living at Paul’s Run, and you’ll see vibrant residents who enjoy a world of opportunity with engaging activities and events that happen day-to-day. Whether it’s crafting Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends, benevolent events like sewing stuffed animals for ill children laying in hospital beds, or taking a flower arrangement workshop, residents of our independent living communities are fulfilled, confident, and excited for the possibility of tomorrow.

If you or your loved one want to live in a community that fills you with excitement and empowers you to maintain your independence, click here to see if our independent living at Paul’s Run or The Manor at York Town is right for you.