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Celebrating Five Years of Engaged Community Life at The Manor

February 2, 2024

As Director of Community Life, Robyn Fine has charmed and delighted residents and team members with her ability to create and implement engaging activities, events, and programming at The Manor at York Town in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In June of 2023, Robyn celebrated her fifth anniversary at The Manor.

In this role, Robyn functions much like a Social Director on a cruise ship. Not surprisingly, early in her career, she traveled the world as a casino host onboard a luxury international cruise ship.

“My cruising experience provided the perfect preparation for this role because residents at The Manor are similar to the fun-loving, active, and engaging passengers on the ship,” says Robyn.

Her subsequent professional experiences in non-profit and corporate marketing roles also contributed to her ability to devise engaging programs at The Manor. Along the way, she earned an MBA from Drexel University and worked as a marketing director for an esteemed university, a renowned healthcare publisher, and a large pharmaceutical marketing firm.

According to Robyn, “Those were fascinating opportunities. But, I knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to dedicate more time with my family. When I learned about the Community Life Director position at The Manor, it seemed to be the right opportunity to utilize my extensive interpersonal and planning skills, while also providing a healthy work/life balance.”

Why The Manor Team and Residents Love Robyn

Numerous residents and team members at The Manor have only glowing comments about Robyn’s contributions to life at The Manor during the last five and a half years.

According to Courtney Gawthrop, Director of Sales and Marketing,
“Robyn is such an asset to The Manor! She is organized and enthusiastic and works well with all the other departments in the building to ensure our residents’ needs are met. She communicates well with the residents about their interests. She creatively uses their feedback to design a calendar full of fun and educational activities that keep our residents active and engaged. Not only does she plan and implement all of our activities, she also coordinates our resident transportation schedule and the concierge services that are the cornerstone of our customer service here at The Manor. She does it all with care and compassion, and the residents truly trust and appreciate her. I feel very fortunate to have Robyn as a colleague.”

Ed S., who has lived at The Manor for five years, says,
“Her formal role is to create and maintain activities and entertainment for the enjoyment of the residents. These include lectures, musical events, movies, magicians, games, field trips, etc. There is even an “Annual Olympic Games” event between residents and team members. She arranges schedules and promotes them via published announcements, word of mouth, and the resident monthly calendar shown on our iPad devices. We are universally appreciative of the range and promotion of the events. She also supports resident-created social activities with ideas, materials, and transportation. She often drives the Manor van to take residents to doctor’s appointments or other places if they need help. She sets up event meeting rooms and serves as a Hostess for all Happy Hour Socials. And she does it all with a smile!”

Resident Ida, B., who has lived at The Manor for ten years, claims,

“Robyn is such an asset to our community; she is a hard worker and goes above and beyond to assist the residents with their many needs and requests. She does a great job, and we are so grateful to have the pleasure of sharing our days with her positive attitude and many talents. Thank you, Robyn, for all you do.”

Newer resident Rita Smyth adds,
“She is a delightful woman who enriches our lives, and we are so fortunate to have her here with us.”

Many residents have confided that she always listens and provides guidance and support when they visit her with an idea, suggestion, or problem. Ed S. adds, “I recommended a Gaming Committee five years ago, which continues today, and we are preparing for a Super Bowl event.”

Overall, the consensus among residents and team members alike when discussing Robyn and her service at The Manor is “Gratitude for her attitude, energy, and results.”

Thank you, Robyn, for your many contributions to life at The Manor – and for making it such an enjoyable and unique place to live!